The Nordic textile reuse and recycling commitment, short “Nordic textile commitment” was developed during 2013-2015 with the aim that at least 50% of the collected textiles are reused (either in Nordic countries or abroad) within ten years, and that 90% of the total quantity collected is reused or where reuse not possible, recycled. The commitment is now in its trial phase.

The trial phase of the Nordic textile commitment aims to:

  1. Perform a one year trial of certified collection and textile management in the Öresund region (Malmö and Copenhagen), and Halden municipality in Norway.
  2. Audit 3-6 actors including collection, sorting, recycling and sales of second hand textiles.
  3. Communicate and promote the commitment as a guarantee for legitimate and sustainable management of used textiles trough web, collection points and second hand stores.
  4. Prepare for a certification system operator to manage the operational system.

The trial is run by a consortium of research institutes and consultants. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute acts as interim certification system operator (CSO). The Nordic textile reuse and recycling commitment is initiated and financed by the Nordic Waste Group under the Nordic Council of Ministers. For more information on the organisation and history, browse the About link in the top menu.

The main information channel for the trial is this website where latest developments will be posted and all information about the proposed certification system will be available. The trial has a reference group appointed by the Nordic Waste Group. Due to the large interest, participation in the reference group had to be limited, but all decisions and meetings will be documented in detail and presented on the website.

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