Certification step-by-step

The certification process is described below. If you have any questions, you can always contact the certification system operator (CSO) or any of the contacts at the bottom of the page.

As the certification system is in its trial phase it is not yet possible to become certified. The certification process will thus take place according to the following step-by-step scheme:

  1. Contact the CSO

The collector contacts the CSO by mail or phone and informs of their ambition to apply for certification. The collector needs to inform the CSO about which type of certificate the collector aims for, and if they aim for social benefit status or not. The CSO informs the collector about how to prepare for the audit, and how to find an auditor fulfilling the requirements for auditors set up in the certification system.

  1. Check compliance with criteria

The next step for the collector is to go through self-assessment using the checklists found on the website. The documentation to prove that the criteria are fulfilled needs to be compiled and possible to show the auditor during the audit.



  1. Agreement with auditor

When the collector feels that the necessary preparation is made the organisation enters into agreement with an auditor. The collector needs to inform the CSO about which auditor they plan to appoint so that the CSO can make sure the auditor fulfils the auditor requirements. In the case of new auditors (not used before) the CSO arranges a meeting with the auditor. The CSO does not interfere in the agreement between the auditor and the collector. The audit may start as soon as the agreement is in place, the auditor has met with the CSO, the auditor is approved by the CSO, and the collector has made the necessary preparations and consider that they comply with the criteria.

4. Audit

The auditor and the collector decide when the actual audit will take place. When the audit is finalised the auditor sends the CSO an auditor report with information about the collector’s compliance with the criteria. If the criteria are fulfilled the certificate can be issued by the CSO. Certification means that the collector is allowed to use the system logos at collection points and in their marketing material. The logos are possible to download from the website to be printed by the collector. Each certified collector is given an individual certification number that should be visible on the logos.


The certification requires full compliance of all criteria. If the collector applies for charity status the criteria on social benefit must also be fulfilled. If the collector fails to comply with one or several of the criteria the collector has a maximum of 90 days from the audit date to correct minor deviations. If the deviations are far-reaching and cannot be solved within 90 days, the audit has to be carried out again in full.

The certificate is valid for three years from the date the certificate has been issued by the CSO.